Racing Programmes

RANSA’s Racing Programmes

This is an open invitation to all skippers to join RANSA in their various racing programs during the summer and winter seasons.

They include:

The iconic Friday Twilights Series in summer which begins late October and continues through to mid March, with a break over Christmas and New Year.

The Combined Clubs Inshore Series offers spinnaker and non spinnaker racing monthly from September to March

Winter racing begins the first week in May each year and includes two programmes: on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Saturday Combined Clubs point scores to end July and for Wednesday point scores to late September.

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are on the Offiicial Noticeboard on this website, and you can enter via the Entry section.

RANSA Regatta

RANSA holds its annual regatta in support of the Sir David Martin Foundation, on the second Sunday in February each year. It is open to any mono-hull yacht. The regatta includes an inter-club competition for the Admiral’s Trophy and the best-sailed club on the harbour. Skippers nominate the club for which they wish to sail for the allocation of points towards the competition. After the Regatta there is always a great gathering back at the Club where prizes are awarded, live music to add to the festive occasion, and on water stories of the race are re-told or re-lived, regardless of the exact accuracy. It is an event not to be missed and you should be marking in your sailing calendar already.