Code Of Conduct

RAN Sailing Association Code Of Conduct

A person accepts responsibility by becoming a member of RAN Sailing Association (RANSA). Membership should be seen as a privilege and all members have the responsibility of ensuring that our Club retains its reputation of being an inclusive and welcoming sailing Club.

The underlying spirit of RANSA lies is the principle of being a volunteer based Club wherein the members are directly responsible for the Club’s existence, both financially and operationally.

Hence, the Club requires the voluntary input of its members in order to run events, care for the facilities and to function smoothly.

The objective of RANSA’s Code of Conduct is to provide a standard code of behaviour for its members and to:

  • Assist Club members to understand the standards of conduct that are expected of them.
  • Promote consistently high standards of behaviour across all activities within our Club.
  • Ensure the Club fulfils its statutory duty to be ethical, fair and honest to its members and obligations to its employees.
  • Build community trust in the Club and enhance public opinion of the sport of sailing.
  • Ensure the safety of its members, guests and any children while on RANSA premises.
  • Ensure that RANSA is enjoyed by all members and guests.

Please become familiar with the Code Of Conduct which can be downloaded from this page

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