Navy Bear Cafe

Navy Bear Cafe

 A bit of background on Navy Bear

Navy Bear is part of a family of cafes called the Bird & Bear Group. Bird & Bear started in 2011 on a small marina in Elizabeth Bay. As locals, we had long admired the waterfront location and jumped on the opportunity to share it with the community over quality coffee and food. We now have three cafes - the Flying Bear at the Sydney Flying Squadron, Archie Bear at Mosman Rowers Club and Sandy Bear at Clontarf Marina.

Owners Adam & Emma Marshall are also active RANSA members and sail the 5.5 "Rythm" regularly in the Twilight races, so are very attuned to the needs of RANSA members and what the club stands for. COVID has been a particularly challenging time to launch Navy Bear after a long and drawn out council approval process, and there is still more work to be done to get to pardon the pun, a smooth operating rhythm, so please continue with your feedback.

As a group, it's our mission to bring communities together and make the harbour more accessible. RANSA is the third club we've partnered with and we enjoy working with members to deliver a fresh offering that boosts their pride in and enjoyment of their clubs. In doing so, we hope to help seed the next generation of members.

Booking a table at Navy Bear - Members Only

RANSA Members can now exclusively book a table at the Navy Bear Cafe. To book your next scrumptious breakfast or delicious lunch please book via our website using the link below.

Please remember to show your RANSA member card on arrival to claim the table. If you are not there within 15 minutes of the time nominated in the reservation Navy Bear reserve the right to allocate the table to someone else. By showing your membership card you also receive a 10% discount on your bill.

We look forward to seeing you and your crew at Navy Bear very soon!

Click here to book a table

Navy Bear currently produces the catering for all twilight events on Fridays through summer, as well as special events, small or large, on request.

We're also very excited to have finally be able to open the cafe full time in late October 2020. If you would like more info on the Bear and Bear Grooup please subscribe to our emails to be the first to know about any developments:

If you're looking for catering for a RANSA hosted special event or just a private group at RANSA small or large, please contact and we'll be very happy to work with you to find a great catering solution!

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Adam & Emma

Rythm (5.5 series)