Equipment Auditing

Equipment Audits

Note that Equipment Audit forms represent a static “snapshot” regarding a boat’s compliance with the special regulations. It is the owner's responsability to ensure that all dated items remain in date.The Club's Equipment Auditor’s may undertake random equipment audits on vessels participating in RANSA events. A vessel that fails to comply with a reasonable direction of the Race Committee or an Equipment Auditor, or that fails to comply with equipment requirements, may be subject to protest by the Race Committee.

 If you want more information on the Safety Requirements and any recent changes to the Category standards they can be viewed on Australian Sailing Special Regulations web site page.

RANSA Equipment Auditors

The following RANSA members are Australian Sailing Accredited Equipment Auditors:

Glenn Armstrong John Smith
Chris Bowling Chris Nixon
Lyndsay Brown Roger Wragby
Dave Giddings Bill Watkins
Nick Wilson Richard Wood

Please call (02) 9363 9939 to organise a Safety Equipment Audit. Owners must complete the appropriate category of equipment audit form prior to organising an inspection.


To download Cat 1-7 forms from Australian Sailing click here

For Category 7 form see below

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