Cruising Blogs

Cruising Blogs From Members Sailing The Seven Seas


Photo Sylph VI resting somewhere in the Chilean Channels


At any point in time there are a bunch of enthusiastic RANSA members on short, medium and sometimes very long term cruising adventures. Many of these cruisers keep a blog of their travels for family, friends or just the curious to see what they are up to and where they are. With modern boat communications being much improved these blogs are often updated regularly bringing us spectacular pictures of places we would rather be. Here are a selection of a few members we are aware of with cruising blogs. If you know of someone, or you are planning to document an extended trip please let the Office know and we will get the link up.

Bob Williams - SV Sylph VI


David & Jenny Pakes - Windjammer 3


Alex Whitworth, Peter Crozier and others - Berrimilla