Member Login Explained

Member Login & Benefits

The RANSA web site has the ability for members to login and securely update their details online as well as many other activities. Over the coming months additional features will be added to the web site and you will also be emailed when activated. The member login button is on the top right hand corner of the Home page. You will need the email address you would normally use with RANSA as the login name. If you have forgotten your password (or have not used the login before) just click to reset the password and a temporary one will be emailed to you. 

Some of the functions that you can do online now and over time will include:

  • Check and update your primary contact details
  • View and pay invoices such as Membership online via a credit card payment gateway
  • If you are a boat owner enter your yacht details for the RANSA Yacht Register
  • Update your volunteering skills, including managing your RSA details
  • Book (subject to approval) Rushcutter Room, Deck etc 
  • Order RANSA club merchandise online

We also envisage other benefits the platform can provide RANSA with improved communications to our members by being able to tailor the messages to specific interest groups or needs, ie Twilight Racing, Volunteers, Marina and Mooring Tenants etc so please take the time to make sure your details are up to date.