Register here for SailPass

The SailPass system has been rolled out at sailing clubs around Australia and was introduced at RANSA last season and available again for the 2022-2023 Twilight Season.

SailPass is a temporary RANSA membership that enables someone who is not a member of a sailing club to go sailing and comply with the Racing Rules of Sailing. RRS 46 states that from 1 January 2022 any person on board a boat while racing shall be a member of a sailing club, and SailPass makes this easy to achieve with just a few online clicks.
SailPass is free at RANSA, so for casual crew that want to give sailing a try there is no cost to either skipper or crew. Casual crew who are already members of other Australian Sailing affiliated clubs are not required to use SailPass.

For skippers if your non member or casual crew use SailPass this means they are automatically covered by Australian Sailing’s personal accident insurance, which it unlikely that your boat insurance policy would cover. Additionally by registering prior to the race the Race Officer is of course aware of who is on board should there be an emergency. Finally this is a great way for RANSA to encourage casual crew and sailors to join our great club, so we are looking for skippers to get behind this initiative and support it.

It is as simple as filling in the online form using this link via the Revolutionise Sport platform on which this website and our membership management is based. You must register before the race you intend to enter commences, which is easy from any mobile phone using the RANSA site or this link.