Published Sat 23 Dec 2023

As we reach the end of 2023, I would like to wish all members and their families, safe and happy holidays.  Hopefully some time off for most people, and reasons for celebration.

Part of the Club’s good fortune includes our unique and privileged heritage clubhouse.  As a result of our strong Navy connections and traditions, the soon to be enacted Plan of Management for the Sir David Martin Reserve continues to include RANSA as a part of the approved maritime and community activities.

The café continues to be a great source of connection with the local community, a feature of growing significance as we move towards a DA to replace the rapidly aging marina.  The job of getting approval for the renewed marina, as well as replacing the two hardstand cranes is being conducted by the Legacy Marina team.  The Sailability NSW and RANSA Directors of LMC are working as briskly and economically as the local government processes allow, in order to continue our tenancy of these key facilities.

Matt and his team have also the reinvigoration of the House Committee and volunteers associated with the social events at the Club.  We look forward to growing activities and member participation as a mainstay of our exceptional club. 

Elements of future planning for the Club include work with the Rushcutter room to return it more to its role as a club meeting room with historical, naval, and sailing focus; completion of the members galley setup, potential rationalisation of the office records and storage area, and the beginning of work to catalogue and preserve the Clubs history.

Most recently we had a great Christmas Breakfast event, and Roger has outlined the further planned activities over the next few weeks.  We have the J24 Nationals from 4 – 7 January, great for RANSA to be given stewardship of running a nation title event.

We now look forward to the RANSA 2024 sailing season, and in particular the RANSA Regatta on 11th February 2024.  Whilst we will give every opportunity for other clubs to wrest the Admirals Trophy from RANSA, we look forward to strong support from RANSA boats to defend that title.

A Healthy and Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.


Les Goodridge
Commodore - RANSA
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