Published Tue 17 Oct 2023


All those who intend to compete in RANSA events in the 23/24 season and were not able to attend can watch the presentation on our website here 

Please drop us an email to confirm once you have watched so that we can mark you as compliant.

Sailing Administrator Roger Wragby thanked Ben for his presentation and endorsed the safety points he had made, especially that COLREGS apply when boats not racing are encountered, the need to keep clear of Ferries bearing the Orange diamond and large vessels, and that incidents should be avoided at all costs : he added that all should bear in mind that while a pointscore series it is mostly a fun event with not everyone as well up on the RRS as perhaps they should be, so do make allowances for the less experienced especially at the start, at the first rounding mark at the south of Clark Island and the last at the south of Shark.

If an accident seems imminent be prepared to bale out, tack, bear away or ease sheets and slow down no matter who has right of way- you can always protest in the case of a genuine grievance.